Who’s Eligible for In-Home Care in Philadelphia, PA?

When our elders get sick, they often fight the idea of going to a facility. It’s usually a very awkward discussion where they feel they have little control over the situation. Agencies offering home care in Philadelphia, PA, such as Stay at Home, are one way of resolving this discussion.

A person can age in place while receiving professional, compassionate services. They will have the comforts of a familiar and cherished location. Homes are meaningful, and many people receiving services fare better by being in their own homes. Nonetheless, you may be wondering who is eligible for in-home care in Philadelphia, PA.

Determining Factors

There are several determining factors in qualifying for in-home assistance. They include:

  • Age: Medicare focuses on people over 65 or those who become disabled before then. In either case, Medicare may pay part of caregiving costs.
  • Insurance Particulars: Insurance carriers have definitions as to what constitutes medically necessary in-home care. Generally, a physician defines the particulars of a case and reviews the services an individual needs for safety. In other words, you need a doctor to detail your needs and sign off on in-home care.
  • Plan of Care: Your case is generally reviewed every six months to see if changes are required. A nurse may come to your home for an assessment, or you might need to send the required documents to your medical team.

in home care philadelphia 2From Hospital to Home

If your loved one is coming home from the hospital, a Discharge Planner can provide information on the needs of the individual. If the medical team recommends home care and you have Medicare, the Planner will also provide a list of potential agencies.

Should you have friends or family who have used aide services, consult with them about their experiences. Word of mouth is a reliable gauge of agency care.

The Next Steps

Assuming all the qualifying factors are satisfied, the next step is finding an agency. Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging is a great resource. They have an Options program that provides counseling. You can utilize this program as long as you are a Philadelphia resident, a US Citizen, and have needs in your daily life that remain unmet.

Of course, documents will be required to illustrate your qualification. ID is essential, as is proof of insurance if you have any. Provide a copy of your Power of Attorney as well so that the specified person can obtain information by phone.

Stay Involved

You may have to advocate for your loved one on certain things. You may also have to explain health care choices.

What You Can Expect from Stay at Home 

We know you want only the best for your loved one. Our staff is well trained and professional without losing empathy. Stay at Home makes sure the individual has the proper care, which is why each care plan is wholly personalized.

If you would like to learn more about our services, you can contact us through our online form, by email info@sahhomecare.com, or by phone at 215-355-9999.