How to Choose Your Caregiver Philadelphia, PA

Choosing personal home care in Philadelphia, PA, is never easy. Most families find themselves having to make a decision with which they are unprepared. You talk to your loved one and other family members. There is a push-back on the idea of facility care. So, you start the journey to find a caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, like Stay at Home,  who suits the situation best.

Good Care vs. Poor Fits

No matter how careful you are, it’s possible to have a caregiver who simply doesn’t fit into the home dynamic. Perhaps they have nothing in common with your loved one. Or, they are always late. Worse still is an aide who becomes verbally abusive. No one wants that. When you are thinking about how to choose your caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, don’t rush it unless it’s an urgent need.

On the other hand, the right caregiver offers many benefits. The family will have helping hands so they can attend to personal needs with more time and less worry. The individual will have help with daily necessities but also have an opportunity to socialize. Over time, an effective aid becomes an extended part of the friendship circle.

How to Begin

There are several steps you can take toward finding the right caregiver. First and foremost, honestly assess your situation. Perhaps get a social worker to help you sort things out. Home care agencies cannot reasonably cover every aspect of aging in place. The list you assemble may disqualify some companies right off the bat.

Think about the kind of person you’d like to have in your home. Do they need any skills? Would a sense of humor help? Perhaps you want an aide who can speak another language, like our staff at Stay at Home. Share these points with the agencies you’re considering. Ask everything and anything lying heavy in your mind and heart.

Once you narrow down your choices to three, check the references and certifications from each. Look to see if they have a Better Business Bureau rating and any comments. Are they associated with any professional organizations? Does the staff have any required credentials or training? Must they pass a background check?

caregiver philadelphia 2After Hiring an Aide Service

It’s vital that you monitor your caregiver’s interactions for a few weeks. Get involved. Show they were everything “lives” and discuss your loved one’s likes and dislikes. Perhaps help make menu plans. Create a list of important contacts and place it on the refrigerator door.

The Care Plan:

At the outset, a physician creates a plan of care for your loved one. The plan includes patient evaluations, suggested activities, how often the individual can receive treatment, types of health services required, medication documentation, a list of problems and limitations, and goals (if applicable). The caregiver will receive a copy, as will the family.

There are times when a specific aide sent to your home just doesn’t fit in. You might feel bad, but get ahold of the agency. Companies like Stay at Home offer replacements based on what you experienced.

Why Choose Stay at Home as Your Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA?

Stay at Home will help you apply for home care services. The paperwork can prove daunting, especially due to all the insurance involved. We can explain each step and make sure everything is in order. The application process should not, in our opinion, cause additional stress.

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