The Importance of Social Engagement in Elderly Care

People lose loved ones as they age. They don’t have as many connections in their age group. They tend to feel isolated and depressed- feelings that can be compounded by poor physical health.

Social engagement can help seniors enjoy a higher level of emotional health. However, mobility issues and other factors can prevent them from engaging with others. Read on to learn how elderly care in Philadelphia, PA can help.

What are the Benefits of Social Engagement for Seniors?

  • Improves Emotional Health: A 2023 review of aging studies conducted between 2006 and 2018 reveals that social engagement provides a sense of identity, fulfillment, and belonging. It increases self-esteem and offers a sense of purpose. It allows seniors to connect with others that have similar passions.
  • Boosts Cognitive Function: A 2009 study showed a direct correlation between social engagement and cognitive function in seniors. Socially active seniors showed varying improvements in episodic, semantic, and working memory, perception speed, and visuospatial ability. Older adults who engage in social activities that require concentration, like chess or crafts, will see an accelerated boost in cognition.
  • Better Physical Health: Seniors who engage in social activities that require movement will see an improvement in physical health. They will reduce the risk of disease and enjoy increased mobility. Improved mental health also has physical benefits.
  • Increases Longevity: A 2020 NIH study revealed that social engagement can increase longevity. Socially active nursing home residents had an 18% lower 5-year mortality risk and a 3-year increase in their median survival as compared to residents who had low SE.
  • Improves Sleep: Seniors often have sleep-related issues. A 2021 study showed seniors with higher levels of social engagement and cognitive and physical activity had fewer insomnia issues. Conversely, seniors in high-level loneliness groups had more sleep difficulties.

elderly care philadelphia paHow Elderly Care in Philadelphia Can Increase Social Engagement

Social engagement is a necessary part of senior health. However, many seniors cannot drive or move around due to mobility issues and medical conditions. A caregiver in Philadelphia can help them engage with others in the following ways:

  • Transportation Services: A caregiver can provide transportation services ensuring seniors attend social events. They can take them to workshops, classes, and friend and family gatherings. They will ensure they don’t get lonely.
  • Companion Care: In-home aides act as companions. They keep their clients company while they help with other tasks like self-care, dressing, and grooming. They can engage them in conversations and hobbies.
  • Technology Usage: A caregiver can teach clients how to use technology so they can stay in touch with friends and family through social media, video conferencing, and messaging.

Stay at Home Elderly Care in Philadelphia, PA Improves Social Engagement

Stay at Home is a preferred choice for elderly care in Philadelphia. We offer various non-medical services, including assistance with self-care needs. We will provide your loved one the companionship they require to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Contact us. We will match you with a caregiver Philadelphia families can count on to help their loved ones thrive.