How to Get Paid to Take Care of a Loved One in Philadelphia, PA

When someone in your family shows signs of increased age-related issues, it’s normal to want to help. The idea of hiring a stranger proves daunting. So you respond by giving all the assistance possible. People prefer a caregiver who they know. It’s comforting. Plus, the individual gets to age in place. But did you know you can get paid to care for your loved one in Pennsylvania, provided you are not their spouse?

Acting as a family caregiver has no formal requirements. You may need a high school diploma and CPR, first aid, and safety training, but beyond that, all you need is compassion. Whatever service agency you work with like Stay at Home, they assist in charting your hours and will typically provide all those before you can actually start your job. This is called CDPAP or Consumer Direct Program.

CDPAP Process

Thousands of people are taking advantage of this program. You can be a cousin, friend, child, or trusted associate of the person. The person for whom you will be a caregiver will “hire” you. But some things have to happen first.

How to Get Paid to Take Care of a Loved One in Philadelphia, PA

Initially, the person in question must get their physician to approve CDPAP. They, or their legal representative, must be capable of making decisions regarding their home care. This person can also choose if they want a background check. While this is highly unlikely among family members, beyond that circle, it may provide peace of mind.

Once approved, you must find a company that will regulate your pay, taxes, etc. This isn’t difficult, and you will find that Stay at Home has a great package for everyone working through them. Usually, a brief physical exam is required, along with a TB test. With the test, it is essential you return for results within the window provided, or you have to start from scratch.

home care agency philadelphia 2Are You Ready for the Long-Haul

It is one thing to be your family member’s hired aide for a short while. It’s another when the duration is expected to span years. It takes a certain type of person (in the right place at the right time) to be an effective caregiver.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does the individual already annoy you? Is that something you can overcome when seeing them regularly? In other words, can you enjoy working with them and will they enjoy your companionship?
  2. How do you “fit in” to the family dynamics? Will people listen to your suggestions and respond to your concerns?
  3. Do you feel you may have trouble being firm when necessary? Matters of safety are at the head of the list, where you have little wiggle room just to make someone less belligerent.

Some people find they enjoy being a home health aide so much that they begin working toward a career in the field. This is a good option considering the demand for in-home caregivers is growing exponentially.

Best Pay Home Care Services, Philadelphia

If you don’t want to have to choose to go to work or care for your loved one, becoming their aide is a win-win. Stay at Home offers our staff the best benefits and incentives, recognizing them as an integral part of serving the community.

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