Home Care in Philadelphia, PA: How to Transfer Services to Stay at Home Homecare Painlessly

Finding the right kind of care services for your loved one takes time, and many families find home care is the right way for their senior family members. However, transferring care from an assisted living facility, another agency or family member, or just coming home from a hospital stay can be challenging. Let’s look at how you can make your transfer easy to home care in Philadelphia, PA. 

Senior care Services in PhiladelphiaWhat Services Does a Home Care Agency Offer?

Home care agencies offer various services depending on their patient’s needs. At Stay at Home Homecare, we help you choose caregivers who can provide, 

Homecare Services such as,

  • Meal planning and nutritional preparation
    • Light housekeeping
    • Laundry
    • Errands & Shopping
    • Companion Care services, including
    • Conversation & mental stimulation
    • Light physical activity
    • Meal planning & preparation
    • Communicating with family
    • Hobby & project assistance
    • Light housekeeping, laundry, etc
  • Personal Care services, including, 
    • Mobility assistance
    • Feeding, bathing, & hygiene care
    • Vitals monitoring
    • Exercise assistance
    • Facilitating physical & occupational therapy
    • Incontinence care 
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, including, 
    • Short-term memory activities
    • Meal management
    • Companionship care
    • Social engagement
  • Post-Surgery & Rehab care, including, 
    • Appointment services
    • Prescription pickup
    • Shopping & errands
    • Homemaking & personal care

Home Care services in PhiladelphiaBeginning Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

When beginning home care services or transferring services, finding the right agency is essential. Take time to interview agencies and potential caregivers. Because your loved one will be working with them regularly, ensure they feel comfortable with the person. 

Remember that your loved one already has a routine, whether on their own, with a family member, or at their assisted living facility. As they transition to home care, ensure the new caregiver knows their previous routine. They may keep some of the same patterns and activities and need to change others. By understanding the previous routine, they can help your loved one transition and make changes. 

Changing Care Providers

Just as it’s important to transition to your new home care provider smoothly, it’s also important that you end previous relationships well. Make sure that you,

  • Are aware of policies & procedures for terminating services
  • Review your contract for any specific termination requirements
  • Give your provider adequate notice of when you will be transferring your loved one’s care
  • Have a new caregiver lined up to ensure a smooth transition

Transitioning from Hospital 

If your loved one is transitioning from a hospital following surgery or other hospitalized care, you must take note of the specific care they will need for recovery. Work with their healthcare provider and hospital staff to ensure their new caregiver has medicine schedules and is aware of wound care needs and other specialized care your loved one may need.

Is Your Loved One Transitioning to Home Care in Philadelphia, PA?

If you are interested in hiring a caregiver for respite care, full-time or part-time care, or post-surgery care, contact us today to set up an appointment. We will help you transfer care and make a move painless and straightforward for your family. We also provide home care in Bristol.