Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia: Why Homemaking and Personal Care Services Are Important for Seniors

How-Do-Homemaking-Services-Benefit-SeniorsAs your loved one ages, you’ve undoubtedly seen advertisements for homemaking and home care agencies in Philadelphia. These services have become popular over the past several years. What services do these Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia offer, and how can they benefit your loved one? 

What’s the Difference Between Homemaking Services and Personal Care Services?

While many seniors will need homemaking and personal care services at some point in their lives, the two services are very different and meet different needs. Homemaking services include the day-to-day management of living at home, including, 

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Shopping and other errands

While many seniors may need assistance with homemaking services, they may not need the more attentive care that comes with personal care services. These include, 

  • Feeding, bathing, and hygiene care
  • Daytime and nighttime bathroom assistance to prevent falls
  • Incontinence care
  • Vital signs and medication monitoring
  • Mobility and exercise encouragement and facilitation

Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia – How Do Homemaking Services Benefit Seniors?

For many Philadelphia seniors, the ability to age at home and close to family is reason enough to seek services from a home care agency in Philadelphia. However, these services offer seniors additional benefits as well, including, 

  • Making life easier and more convenient so seniors can enjoy their retirement years 
  • Saving money compared to assisted living facilities
  • Allowing family members to spend more quality time with their senior loved ones
  • Improving emotional and mental well-being for seniors

Homemaking Services Can Transition to Other Services

While your senior loved one may only need homemaking services now, they could need assistance from a home health agency later. This could be temporary care following surgery, permanent care due to a developing chronic illness, or even Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Because home care agencies in Philadelphia, like Stay at Home Home Care, offer various services from homemaking to healthcare assistance, it’s easy for seniors to transition from one type of care to another. 

Transitioning needs and changes with aging can be frustrating or even frightening for seniors. They may feel anxiety over losing mobility or confusion from developing dementia. If you and your loved one are already working with a trusted agency, moving to new levels of care is more accessible and less stressful for your loved one. 

Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia – Are You Your Loved One’s Caregiver?

Often, we’re the first caregivers for our aging loved ones. If you’re worried that you can’t continue caregiving because of bills and other expenses, consider joining our team here at Stay at Home Home Care. Earn income to support your loved one, yourself, and the rest of your family while you remain a primary caregiver. We also provide benefits, resources, and more. 

If you are interested in hiring a caregiver for respite care, full-time or part-time care, or post-surgery care, contact us today to set up an appointment.