Understanding Home Care Services Bensalem PA: A Comprehensive Guide for Families

Understanding Home Care Services Bensalem PA: A Comprehensive Guide for Families

More and more, you are probably hearing about aging in place. What this means is remaining in the safe, familiar home as long as possible and remaining close to family and friends. It has become a viable option vs. having to go into a nursing facility. Let’s explore home care services Bensalem PA.

Level of Assistance

In order to truly explore this idea, you need to have an understanding of home care assistance in Bensalem, PA. Step one is assessing needs. Home care agencies like Stay at Home can offer a range of services. The services focus on providing help and maintaining as much independence as possible. 

So, ask yourself, can you or your loved one do general daily chores like cooking and cleaning? Are there any mobility issues that impact safety? What about memory loss? Can family or friends reasonably step in to help? The answer to these questions will give you a good idea of whether you should hire a caregiver.

It’s worth noting that while a family member might step up into the role of a full-time or part-time aide, it can have a negative impact on family dynamics and that person’s ability to attend to their own needs and responsibilities. So, you seek homecare services in Bensalem, PA, to avoid that whole issue.

You should not feel guilty about seeking assistance. Overall, a professional aide can do many things for which you might not have time. 

home care services bensalem pa 2What do Home Care Services Bensalem PA Include?

It is difficult to list all of the services as a comprehensive guide for families. Each company is a little different. You will need to ask about any special requirements your loved one may have.

Having said that here are some professional services that are common with hired home caregivers:

1. Getting Around: 

Is your eyesight failing? Do you have trouble coordinating your hands for car control? Your in-home caregiver can take you to appointments, social events, and even shopping. 

2. Home Maintenance

Think about all the little things you do every day, from shopping and gardening to laundry and cleaning. When a person can’t keep up, it’s a sign that it may be time to hire an aide.

3. Personal Care: Daily Living 

Arthritis (among other age-related issues) can make it difficult to dress, bathe, or cook. Personal care services provide two extra hands to help. Your aide can also remind you about medications so you don’t miss any, and even take part in your or your loved ones’ hobbies. 

4. Professional Resources:

Stay at Home provides trained professionals for physical and occupational therapy care activities and exercises, provided it is medically prescribed. However, it is a good idea to check with your insurance about coverage.

Family Discussions

The option of aging in place is a family decision. The individual needs to be involved and their opinions or concerns heard. Sometimes elders worry that their family won’t be visiting as much because they have an aide. It’s a reasonable concern. True, the family may not be there as often, but the caregiver frees up their time to take care of their own duties. Having a person present allays worry and fear of potential harm to the individual. 

Stay at Home carefully reviews its staff’s talents and seeks people who truly care. If you’d like to learn more about us, you can use our contact form or call our office (215)-355-9999.