Elderly relatives tend to require extra care. But dementia care requires specialized skills. Caregivers must understand the advanced needs of these clients.

Families can get advanced care for their loved ones through the right home care agency. Philadelphia caregivers are familiar with the ins and outs of dementia care. This article will discuss what’s involved in Stay at Home, home care agency in Philadelphia.

How Can a Home Care Agency in Philadelphia Provide Specialized Dementia Care?

Basic Needs

Dementia patients typically require the basic care most seniors need. It includes:

  • Meal prep
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Self-care assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Fall Prevention
  • Meal prep
  • Running errands
  • Companion care
  • Monitoring vital signs

Advanced Mental Care

Caregivers must understand the unique mental needs of Alzheimer’s patients. Here are some factors to consider.

Dealing with Temperament: People with dementia often act out because they feel anxious, scared, or confused.  They may say something insulting or become difficult to deal with. A skilled caregiver will not take their words to heart. They will find ways to calm down their client.

Providing Stimulating Mental Activities: Stimulating mental activities can help dementia patients improve short-term memory. Caregivers will integrate these activities to keep their clients connected.

home care agency philadelphia 2Maintaining a Positive Mood: In-home aides will help clients maintain a positive mood by offering positive reinforcement. They will help them reminisce about happy memories to improve their emotional state and cognition. They will also help them maintain social connections so they don’t feel isolated. 

Improving Communication: People with dementia often have difficulty communicating. Caregivers can facilitate communication by speaking slowly, reading their client’s body language, listening, and maintaining eye contact. They are also familiar with triggers that may set off their clients, such as standing too close during conversations, leaving them out of conversations, asking too many questions, and making abrupt movements and tense facial expressions.

Understanding Memory Issues: Caregivers will reintroduce themselves at every visit to ensure the client is comfortable in their care.

Wondering Prevention

People with dementia often wander off.  Caregivers can prevent wandering by:

  • Keeping doors locked
  • Setting alarms
  • Managing restless behavior with exercise and other activities
  • Ensuring the client has ID elements so they can be found and returned
  • Avoiding leaving the client alone at home or in a car

Special Food Needs

Some seniors with dementia may have a hard time handling some utensils. A caregiver will prepare meals to ensure an easy eating experience.  

Stay At Home Health Care Offers Advanced Elderly Care in Philadelphia, PA

Families of seniors with dementia must find the best help available for their elderly relatives. Stay at Home Health Care is a recommended choice.

Stay at Home offers a variety of senior services. We provide home care, companion care, personal care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, and post-surgery and rehab. We will customize a plan best suited to your needs.

Our caregivers are well-trained, caring, and compassionate. We aim to help seniors enjoy a high quality of life in the comfort of their own homes. We offer elderly care in Philadelphia, PA, and in nearby areas of Pennsylvania.

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